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Today, La Máquina is a classic in Madrid and a hallmark for the most exclusive suppliers of the various Spanish fish exchanges (Galicia, Asturias, Alicante, Huelva and Cadiz).

Its high number of guests reflects the acceptance of its restaurants’ dining rooms and bars, where the market’s best raw materials are tasted, where you go not only to eat but also to enjoy its select atmosphere and to create: friendship, business and happiness at the tables.

Its cuisine is a tribute to simplicity given the greatness of the product, adapting to the tastes and current trends where tradition and creativity coexist. The usual dishes, simple recipes with popular roots, handled by our chefs, they convert the everyday into refined and traditional into elegant. Dishes created with affection in a traditional style, without using new technologies that can alter the flavour of the products. A good Chef must work with his hands.

There are plenty of specialties coming from the sea: the Rías Spider Crab, Crayfish and Spanish Lobster, “Percebes” (goose barnacles) from Cedeira, Galicia’s Norway lobster, Denia’s Red Prawns, Isla Cristina’s Cigalitas (small Norway lobster), Sanlúcar’s prawns, Galician oysters … The bars, always overflowing with an endless assortment of tapas, “pinchos” (small snacks) and sharing dishes: Guijuelo ham, Spanish omelette, salads, homemade croquettes, octopus a la feira (literally meaning “fair-style octopus”, is a dish served with boiling octopus and potatoes sprinkled with coarse salt and paprika and drizzled with olive oil), coquinas (wedge clams), prawns, supergildas (a selection of pickles on a cocktail stick), pulguitas (small baguettes), montaditos (selection of foods served on toasted bread), bocatines (selection of filled fresh bread rolls) …  In short, a showcase of Spain’s popular gastronomic culture which allows you to eat at a more than reasonable price.   What is our secret? Buy the best quality and freshness, simple elaboration, wise hands, and accurate measurements … THAT IS OUR SECRET!

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